MR. POD Episode 7

Monday, November 24, 2014 | 34

Ryan is back for the best episode of MR. POD yet (high bar?)! Mig and Ryan venture into the dark tunnel of Brazilian steakhouses, World of Warcraft, Mortal Online, and other junk. Warning: poorly conceived deep-voice talking inside!



  1. Yawn, upvote yourself some more kid.

  2. That's exactly what I had assumed.

  3. "300m of where you died." - ie a million miles away.

    "Sounds to me like you can't control recoil at all. This is hardly the games fault now, is it?" - You're right it's not the game's fault, it's the developer's fault for implementing shitty recoil.

    "No they don't. You CAN see cloaked people rather clearly" - Only with the best graphics cards and PC, ie Pay2Win.

    "You were probably standing still out in the open like an idiot." - Nope I was running around a bunch of rocks and trees. I've learned that aimbotting and "assistance" programs are pretty popular in this game so that explains that.

    "He probably saw you go around the corner, or just used his brain. 'Hm,
    if I were an enemy in this room, where would I hide? Oh yeah, probably
    behind those boxes in that corner'." - I was sitting there for 3 minutes so why did he wait? You seem bent on creating rationalizations to explain away all the fishy stuff that happens in this game, but you'd be better served getting the whole story instead of just making things up in your own little mind.

    "Evidently you're not using a 'full magazine', you're probably missing almost every shot." - Full magazine, point blank range, most hits register an indicator. Again, get the whole story kid.

    "Because they can actually aim." - Sorry but 2 hits; that's only 300 damage, you just said players have 500 health and 500 shields. Do the math. :)

    "Planetside 2 has a constantly evolving frontline." - Yeah a constantly evolving front line of tanks and aircraft farming spawn rooms, lol.

    0/10 kid.

  4. Please make more regular articles!

  5. Winning and losing does not mean that a screen has to be displayed saying "Win" or "Lose". Its the principal of it as well as it being in many forms. There's small losses and wins to large losses and wins. There have been Alerts and Continent Locks added to the game which give more of a win/lose feeling.
    Sniper Rifles are weird in this game, I agree. you have to actually pay some in-game cash or real cash to get a sniper rifle that can actually kill (a rabbit)
    And the Pay 2 win aspect is weird. It takes a long time to get a single weapon in the game for 1000 certs (in-game cash) but if you choose to buy a gun with real cash. That's $7.00 USD, which is too much.
    So i agree with you on some parts, but i think that planetside is one of the few MMORPG's that i can understand

  6. I'm extremely jaded on the whole issue, as this review is 2 years old.

  7. Yep. F2P is the root of all evil.
    Team Fortress 2 was nice until it hit the bottom of the ocean.

  8. epic troll, u were only pretending!

  9. Fuck man, people STILL reply to this review with hate and ludicrous defensive arguments as if they made this game themselves. This review must've pressed some serious buttons to ruffle so many feathers after so long, its been 2 years (exactly today).

  10. Please do an article on how shitty and annoying it is that MMOs went from being massive worlds where everyone everywhere was essentially in the same space/place at the same time to fragmented little bubbles that have been instanced the shit out of so no interaction with any other human beings is necessary (or even desirable) for progression!

  11. Here's something from a couple of years ago where I touch on this:

  12. Nothing you do in any FPS matters at all......

    Or do you get jollies off "We captured the enemy flag!" ? Because that's about it for other shooters in terms of "mattering."

    PS2, modern today (I know your reviews are 2 years old) but the "winner" is the side that captures the continent. There are four continents, and each continent gives bonuses to your faction.

    In addition, each battleground gives your side different bonuses. So fighting and winning give you more vehicle points (for example.)

    In addition, unlocking weapons (the standard achievement for most games in general) is done through winning (primarily)

    Also, each battle has a "winner" when the color on the hex you're fighting on switches.... So it does 'matter' if you win.

    Finally, you as an individual, a lone soldier, can turn the course of battle. it's not easy to do, but I have done it many times in my random playing time.

    For instance, placing a sunderer in the optimal position. Once we (outnumbered significantly) held off a force 2-1 odds with 90+ people on both sides. It was chaotic, but I had placed my sunderer perfectly so that the enemy could not hit it from a distance. They had to bum rush the entire base. We held that thing for an hour and a half solid before it fell.... And it wasn't easy. It took me 4 attempts to get my sunderer in the perfect spot, but the fourth and final attempt was the golden one!

    Other times I have gone behind enemy lines as a "tank buster" engineer and snuck past perhaps 30 people to place mines under their sundies, or in waypoints that interrupted tank reinforcements. The significance proved its worth after a few daring suicide runs!

    I have also found plenty of small battles where I helped stave off a 2 man attack (yes only two men, but 2 on 1 is tough! And I managed to hold them off for 30 minutes before the cavalry decided to save my butt.)

    Also, I have witnessed a single fighter take out 4 enemy fighters...... That's huge! And it certainly wasn't pay-to-win. Trust me, having used some advanced gadgets, I never felt very overpowered. In fact, my best feeling is "thank god I'm finally equal to the enemy!" But that normally happens after I get a weapon I like, and get a feel for the game. Not because "I got a rapid fire sniper mini nuke hehehehe!"

    TL;DR: Planetside 2 is pretty epic. The battles matter and you matter. If you play like a zombie drone, then you probably aren't too helpful. But if you think outside the box, or join a squad, your gun, mines, healing kit, tank, aircraft, repair kit, squad beacon, sunderer, galaxy, can all mean the difference between a winning fight and a losing fight.

    The only unbalanced aspect of PS2 would be the NC's invulnerable shield on their main tank.... And considering the NC never overrun anyone abnormally, it's not that significant. It only reveals itself when I go 1v1 against one of their tanks.... I never win. No one does unless they suck as a driver.

    So overall, it's a great game! Sorry you don't like it! Almost as sorry as I am that I suck at flying! DSFKLJSDGas;dkfjlasld!!

  13. your comment is like milk and honey to my soul.

  14. Capping bases doesn't matter, capping continents doesn't matter, the buffs you get are so small they are inconsequential. You take a base, they take it back. You can completely ignore objectives in this game and just shoot people for fun. That's how inconsequential the objectives are.

    Playing for objectives is stupid. Yeah let's all die 10x trying to capture the point which is being bombarded by enemy aircraft and grenade spam. Boring.

  15. Are you from Brazil by any chance?

  16. So it's pay to win until free players catch up to you?

    Hint: That's still paying to win.

  17. Are you an idiot.

    A review is basically someone's opinion on the game.

    Fucking. Moron.

  18. "almost all of the gear you can buy is a sidegrade"

    If the gun does something BETTER than another gun in it's class then it is a clear UPgrade.

  19. "All guns/weapons in this game are sidegrades, no one weapon is better
    than any other. Sure, some weapons might be better at range, but they
    suffer heavily in close quarters."

    If a gun does something BETTER than another gun in it's class, then it is an UPgrade. "Sidegrade" is the fallacy used by Pay2Winners to convince themselves that they are just MLGPRO420NOSCOPE and everyone else is just a "shitter" who needs to "gitgud".

  20. Hahaha he actually did get fired. Well, he was going to get fired so he decided to resign "gracefully". :)

  21. Higby got fired/resigned? GREAT! GOOD TO HEAR! That arrogant fat boy is finally off the picture for good.

  22. SOE got bought out by an investment firm and renamed to "Daybreak Games". Almost all of the old devs got fired. Then Hibgy publicly "resigned" but everyone knew he was on the list to get canned, too. So we have new minds and new revenue on the project, overall good thing.

    The best part is that PS2 is getting overrun with godmode hackers. This means hopefully DBG will take a good look at their anticheat software and we'll finally be rid of those "top players" who have hacked for years.

  23. No, a review is supposed to be an unbiased appraisal of the game based on its merits and demerits wherein the evaluator must strive to remain as objective as possible in his analysis.
    In this case, the appraiser seems to have based the entire review solely upon his hate of the freemium genre. There is very little mention of the actual important aspects of the gameplay, and the review seems to be no more than an uncontrolled eruption of intense contempt.

  24. I cannot say that I agree with you on every matter mentioned in this article, but I will agree that games become less artistic every passing week.

  25. resurrecting years-old reviews on a hyperbole site is the key to victory.

  26. I am not sure I understand you.

  27. Lol - How many of these commenters have the same ip address?!
    Although nigger1234 ought to be highlighted!


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