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Monday, October 20, 2014 | 17

What I don't want to do is be linked in any way to either side of the argument. I Hate MMORPG's was created primarily to shine a light on the types of bullshit coverage games (particularly MMORPG's) were receiving, so when people reject any sort of movement that highlights irresponsible journalism in any form I take it as a personal attack.

Despite some of the hyperbole on the site, I'm a reasonable adult, father, and husband who loves all non-dipshits regardless of color or creed. Because of this, I'm extremely disappointed that I even have to give a disclaimer before talking about the year's most ludicrous controversial topic: #GamerGate.

For-profit journalism presents an ethical paradox.

The role of a journalist is to provide accurate information to citizens who don't have time to do their own research. These journalists provide a service by spending their time and energy on acquiring credible sources of information. Any buffer on information represents a failure to accomplish the specified goal of a journalist. Because of the nature of the internet, this service is not funded by those who consume the media, but instead by the advertising and sponsorship of, in some cases, the very entities that the journalist is reporting on.

This circle-jerk-news situation has resulted in the abject failure of traditional news sources to present factual (critical) reports on corporate groups that pay their salaries. The larger the media source, the more corrupting influences are attempting to manipulate information (see: CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC).

The only difference between traditional journalism and game journalism is that a poor review of a game doesn't create a race-war and set civil discourse back 20 years. This is why I'm confused by the selective outrage of #GamerGate, and wonder why the same standards haven't been required of all forms of journalism.

Unethical reporting in this context just isn't that big of a deal.

What is a big deal is how polarized our society has become. Social justice has become a team sport where both sides attempt to generate headlines with outlandish claims, and journalists flourish because there is news to report that doesn't have a corporate sponsor. The problem is that the natural biases of journalists cause them to take the logical side (their own side) and equate all members of the counter movement with the most severely deranged ones. The shocking truth is that...

It is possible to acknowledge clear conflicts of interest without hating women, children, possums, etc.

It is also in the best interest of those you criticize to call you Hitler. Take it for what it is, a desperate attempt to divert attention from the real issue. Most of the people on both sides of #GamerGate think that violence against women is a bad thing, but those people aren't interesting to talk about and, again, isn't profitable. In fact, gamers are more morally conscious than your run-of-the-mill working class alcoholic, likely because they numerous outlets for free expression.

I also acknowledge that there are evil people in this world who care way too much what women do with their vaginas. Those people aren't important to any discussion because they're lashing out from a position of shame or jealousy from whatever cave or basement dwelling they reside in. Men and women are equally shitty when it comes to being corrupted by dollar signs and genitalia. Get over it.

Which side is correct?

The argument has been too-far derailed by individuals who profit off of the appearance of injustice to even tell what we're talking about anymore. If your goal is to have journalism be more ethical and less controlled by corporate molestation, you have an argument. If you think that people shouldn't threaten violence against women because they have healthy sexual relationships with consenting adults, you probably have a case there as well.

Nothing else to do but launch a kickstarter campaign make videos about how men in games are too dumb and muscley. It's unrealistic and it shames us all. Also, this is a joke (you have to tell people now, apparently).

Also, fuck Polygon. You know what you're doing...


  1. I've always found that traditional news sources work best as a starting point. If I learn about an event occurring somewhere in the world that piques my interest from these sources, I then proceed to do my own research elsewhere. Occasionally, comments on the news sites (for both the large and small networks) can prove to be very informative when people aren't threatening to kill each other. If you do this long enough, you are able to sift through all the bullshit and figure out the gist of what is going on.

    On the topic of "#GamerGate," (which is 40% farce, 40% stupidity, 15% muh feels, 3% chicken, and 2% legitimate criticism) I am surprised that no one is taking advantage of the situation. If many of the game journalists from well known websites are taking flak, an enterprising individual should seek to launch their own site with promises of providing honest reviews of games and the industry as a whole and bashing their would be competitors. Some shameless self promotion may produce some well warranted hate from the internet community for some time, but it could take off in the current climate...or lack there of.

    Point is, everyone should invest in glorious Costa Rica and provide any support they can towards the ultimate goal of bringing back the Dodo Bird.

  2. As is, the only people capitalizing are the enterprising 'victims' crying foul for page-views.

  3. #Gadzooks!
    I was totally #oblivious to what #Gamersgate was and had to look it up:
    for #Wikipedia - throws #money at Wikipedia in order to #postpone the
    next #fundraiser.) Talk about a #tsunami in a #coldcupofcoffee!
    The #article on #Wikipedia was too #long and I #quickly
    #forgot what I was #reading about, I #suggest you add a #SHORT
    #definition of #Gamersgate to your #article.

  4. Oh, sorry.

    #GamerGate - noun - A big dumb shitbucket

  5. So what are the membership tiers from the last Kickstarter? She made it sound like there were no subscription or freemium like business model.

  6. The "Membership" options are actually just a one-time purchase much like a founders pack that gives you benefits that non-purchasers would buy from the cash shop.

  7. Oh ,am Repop sounds awesome Now a modern 3d Shadowbane with no target system (Mortal online) would be great. Man I would love to see a modem 3d Nephelem.

  8. #Gamergate is a terrorists group http://www.osnews.com/story/27986/GamerGate_terrorists_threaten_mass_school_shooting_in_Utah odd.

  9. It's always amusing how 3 guys can be the face of a movement in the same way that Hitler is the face of all Germans.

  10. Reading your blog is more fun than playing MMOs.

  11. I don't know if that's a compliment or a slight.

  12. Well seeing as video games have their roots in appealing to sadists, I carried my ps2 around with tekken just to beat the shit out of my friends without actually sending anyone to the hospital, it's understandable that the feedback from gamers goes to hell ina heartbeat since at this point the infliction of pain is the entertaining factor regardless of the outcome or original premise.

  13. UH oh! Looks like masculine culture claims another victim!


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