MR. POD Episode 3

Friday, September 26, 2014 | 15

In the third installment of MR. POD, we talk a whole lot more about ArcheAge, MineCraft, DOTA2, Face Slavery, and the constant stream of failure that Apple is unleashing into the world. I apologize in advance for my broke-ass microphone. It sounds terrible. I'm aware. Fuck you.

Check out the YouTube version for extra (stupid) content.

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  1. WORD!
    Where do all those words come from? How do they all end up in your head? What’s more, what makes you want to spew all those words out for the un-benefit of humanity?! My wife is becoming concerned that my stupidity is increasing…I successfully cover it up by saying it’s early dementia, but if she finds out that the cause has been these podcasts (and their Youtube versions) then she’s going to make me read books!

    40 seconds under two hours on Youtube, amazing!
    The first 0:1:20 was perhaps the most entertaining, the toggling of the camera was great!

    Waiting impatiently for your OnePlusOne review. I HATE Windows and MS. Window phones are THE WORST!!!

  2. I think you might be the biggest fan of the cast! We're both IT professionals and can't get this video shit to be not shit.

  3. Why exactly does Ryan constantly sit in almost complete darkness?

  4. After your never ending ArchAge rants I decided to give it a try... And its not bad... Not bad at all...

    So anyway, if you would be one sexy elven stone arrow short for your crazy pirate raids and you would be on enla, let me know, (nickname Alivyel).

  5. As long as you aren't one of the Asian dudes. I play after 10pm CST most nights. Name (obviously) Miguelito

  6. Great, I am also on mostly after 10pm... CET. :)
    So anyway, it should be 3pm at your place, so STOP READING YOUR BLOG AND GET BACK TO WORK! And I'll have some ArchAge, thank you. :-P

  7. Even most EA titles have modding. Last I checked Notch just sold out to Microsoft, so the integrity angle is flawed as well.

  8. Who could refuse the micro-cock? Money corrupt so nothing good lasts forever....

  9. Ya, all this OMG yay for Archage The Sandbox crew did was a mystery, all they ever talked about was farming. Farmville on FB didn't cost $150 to play all the time (Ok it was a alpha spot) but $150 still nuts guys. Then the last cast they where like they carebeared it up, "You are joking, they carebeared up another MMORPG".

  10. Er, you may want to re-post this to the next article:
    ... a slight case of bad timing!

  11. You have listening and comprehension problems. Not surprised.

  12. Ok that was abit harsh, but well saying it isn't at all like I thought it would be . It is another WoW clone with better PvP.


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