The Ultimate Sandbox: Modded Minecraft

Friday, August 1, 2014 | 19

Minecraft is that indie game I was addicted to four years ago which I long ago put down. It is now the game my kids obsess over watching hours of YouTube Minecraft videos while playing it on any device they can get their hands on. I have no idea when it turned into a “kids” game but at least my children are building interesting things in Minecraft instead of mindlessly shooting birds at pigs.

This all changed for me when I finally dug into a heavily modded Minecraft server.

WARNING! The following black hole leads to extreme addiction with loss of sleep, walking in late to work, and you become the butt of jokes to all your gaming friends as they refuse to join you in Minecraft. You will pity them because their lives are less complete and fulfilled then yours without it.
Infusion altar from Thaumcraft mod

There are plenty of mod packs out there that make playing Minecraft with 100+ mods incredibly easy. Tekkit was probably the first popular pack but has been replaced in popularity with Feed the Beast or Direwolf20 packs. Many of the mods in a pack add a few items or features that tweak the experience while others offer their own progression from start to finish. Some mods deal with magic while others are industrial. Some of the mods are easy to get into and a few involve page long math equations that only insane people would enjoy messing with.
I don't know what the hell this is but you better know some physics and calculus to get it built.

I tried Tekkit a few years ago and was immediately overwhelmed. This time around I try to tackle things in small chunks dealing with perhaps just one or two mods in the pack at a time which is key to enjoying the experience.

Want to mess with magic one night and unlock some new powers or wands? Go for it. Have a part of the game you want to automate requiring machines, power, and piping? Tackle the project! This all taps into that gaming part of my brain and it satisfies like nothing else I have played recently. Finally wrapping up some build or project and seeing it all work flawlessly is extremely rewarding. You slowly crawl from digging mining tunnels with a cobblestone house to a hundred machines processing materials and ores, inventory management systems, automated farms, quarries mining to bedrock, and in depth power systems to run it all.
A massive dome in the sky I built to house our power infrastructure

I am a mmorpg gamer though and I crave the persistent worlds with thousands of players. Minecraft does not offer that but for now I do not care...I have building projects to finish in the king of all sandbox games: Modded Minecraft.


  1. My blog at lost all of its images. Since Miguelito redesigned his site to allow additional writers I am moving my writing here. Perhaps this site can finally get reviews/impressions done with more then 5 minutes of gameplay. +ilovemmorpgs

  2. I can't protect you from what happens next.

  3. "Unbridled hatred required." That's what it says in your side-note where you invite guest contributors. It seems to be missing from this contribution. It's a slippery slope, and before you know it, this site could become a playpen of positivity.

  4. Minecraft with mods? I barely managed to stop playing the unmodded version. You want to kill me?
    Anyway, what do you think about Terarria? I was sceptical, but 2D has some pluses - its more casual and the content surpasses (unmodded) Minecraft immensely.


  5. Terarria definitely has more content compared to vanilla Minecraft. It also feels more like a game with solid objectives since it has so many bosses to beat. My main issue with Terraria are its controls. The pc version I want to use a controller to do combat with since it plays like an arcade platformer at that point but on the console I want my mouse and keyboard because building stuff is annoying as hell with the controller. Starbound also looks great because of its setting. I know Miguelito has played a ton of Starbound but I am patiently waiting for it to release before trying that game.

  6. Starbound is a more complete 'game' than Terraria. I wouldn't bother with Terraria at this point.

  7. WTF!?? Where is the HATE?! Where is the CONTEMPT? Where are you coming from?! OMG, you shouldn't be here with that attitude of yours! Have you got some sort of Ying-Yang life philosophy coming here from "" to ""? You even have the gall to confess you love mmorpgs in the first comment to your own article! I'm surprised you also didn't write "First!"
    You take down this fail of an attempt and rewrite it with DERISION! You're despicable!

  8. Miguelito, you disappoint! You even up-voted his comment! SHAME ON YOU!
    I had to log in so I could down-vote these comments with the exception to Gillsing, whom I up-voted. LOSERS!

  9. I LIKE how you use CAPITALIZATION to provide EMPHASIS on certain key WORDS.

  10. OOOH! Adding this to my blogroll. :D

  11. I really hope this opens the door for that Fluffy Kittens and Happy Unicorns column I wanted, @Miguelito. Just because your heart is frozen and twisted doesn't mean the rest of us can't have some love and rainbows.

    Thank you @Nateryl for shining a ray of love into this dark place.

  12. See? She gets it. WTF is wrong with everyone else?

  13. Now I just need to find a game with kittens and unicorns to write about. Any suggestions?


  15. So are you now going to start giving brownie points for not so subtle "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and "Hello Kitty" references??
    Lets all hudle together, hug one another and feel the love!


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