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Monday, June 25, 2012 | 12

DayZ is the most hardcore game (mod) ever made.

I don't make this claim lightly, as I know how my readers tend to enjoy correcting people, but that is how confident of this claim I am. For those who aren't "in the know", DayZ is a mod for Arma II which is also commonly known as "the shitty game you have to buy to play DayZ".

DayZ isn't a MMORPG, but I still feel like it's in the realm because you play a persistent character that carries between servers with up to 50 players (capacity may increase). The world is also big enough to get lost in. You'll find that out.

What is DayZ about?

DayZ is far from some bullshit Call of Duty zombie masturbation fest. DayZ places you into a large cruel world with nothing but a flashlight and some bandages and says, "Okay, go die now." You then oblige several times before figuring out how to sneak past the hoards of flesh eating '28 Days Later' style zombies. Sounds tough, right? What about if you added perma-death to the equation? You can't hide in the woods forever because you'll starve or dehydrate and die.

There hasn`t ever been a game made that so perfectly enables the type of "Walking Dead" scenarios to occur organically in the world. Sure, there are zombies in the game, but you know their motivations. 90% of players will kill you on sight because they're scared of you. 10% will kill you because it's fun. Try and play with people you know because people you don't can not be trusted.

Prepare to die a lot. Welcome to DayZ.

Remember what fear feels like?

If you can make it past the first day, you'll find yourself feeling emotions that you'd forgot videogames could inspire. You can spend hours gathering a small wealth of supplies and ammunition only to have it taken from you in an instant because you ran through someone's crosshairs. Prepare to be paranoid.

You could also be the one pulling the trigger and earn days of loot in an instant. This type of perma-death system with brutal consequences has no rival in any games FPS, MMO, or otherwise. Your sack of loot is your progression, and losing your stuff puts you back at square one.

A couple days in I holed up in a hangar for 3 hours pinned down by snipers, and escaped the shoot-out with better stuff. After surviving for 4-5 days, I felt myself feeling so stressed out that when I was finally put down it was a huge relief. Now I'm back to being a wanderer with nothing to lose...

Did I mention that hilarious shit happens, and people crack under the pressure?

So damn funny.

DayZ is also in Alpha testing...

If you're expecting a polished experience, don't bother. DayZ is a mod that adds a lot of new things to a game that wasn't that solid to begin with. You may find yourself dying because you fell through a wall out of a building, but most of the time it will be bullets or biting that kills you. The guy who made DayZ is doing a great job of updating every week to ensure that bugs they're aware of get fixed.

I always fear that projects like this will become cuddlier due to player demand, but since I've been playing, the only patch that affected difficulty was the one that removed your starting weapon. Ouch.

Is it worth buying Arma II?

Short answer, yes. This is the question I get more than any other question because it seems like a huge waste to buy a game you're never going to touch in order to play a zombie mod for that game. DayZ is actually made by someone on the Arma II team so it's not like they don't deserve your money for providing one of the craziest experiences ever.

Wiki : DayZ Wiki
Download : DayZ Mod


  1. Love that vid! That alone makes me want to buy the game.

  2. There are tons of hilarious videos out there of people getting way too excited/scared by DayZ. It's pretty intense...

  3. It sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the write-up.

  4. Haha, that vid. It's like they never played a game before that has massive loss penalties upon death.

  5. I'm not sure any game as the penalty level that DayZ has. You don't even have character progression or stored items to fall back on.

  6. Whoa thanks for bring this game to my attention. I am now officially obsessed with Dayz. My wife and kids hate you, but who cares what they think... I love you!

  7. I tried to explain it to my wife, and she said it sounded painful. She's not wrong.

  8. Lmao yup it is! Yet it's the most fun I've had in a video game since idk when! Again Thanks Mig! If I ever run into you in Dayz, I'll think about not shooting you.

  9. Saw this game after my friend started playing it while we were having drinks at his house. Have looked up some YouTube videos and it looks amazing. It makes me think of oldschool UO in the player interactions. Bought/downloaded it, will be playing soon...

  10. I really resent dayZ because those who buy ARMA for it have no interest in the actual game... ARMA is a very interesting and in-depth milsim, and is a lot of fun

  11. ARMA2 sold like 8 copies before DayZ. It may have been fun for a niche audience, but the engine is 10 years behind.


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