Beta Impressions - TERA

Sunday, April 22, 2012 | 39

TERA is boring.

For a game that staked its claim on "action gameplay" being the beacon that saves theme-park MMORPGs, TERA fails to be more exciting than any typical Korean theme-park tab-targeting grind-fest.

TERA Gameplay

Drawing comparisons between a prototypical theme-park style WoW clone like SWTOR, TERA actually plays significantly slower in terms of combat pacing. This surprised me because you'd expect the action-style combat to have action-style pacing. It doesn't

In fact, the entire purpose of adding an action element to the genre was to break up some of the monotony that dominates the MMORPG gameplay pie. What En Masse decided to do instead was make combat require you to pay attention, but also make it as droll and unfulfilled as possible. The only analogy I can think of would be taking a game like Zelda and making each inconsequential encounter with minor enemies take entire minutes to fight off regardless of your skill level.

It sounds awful because it IS awful.

TERA Races

Furries? Check. Pedophiles? Check. Overcompensatingly strong and handsome nerd wish-fulfillment? Check. I'm not really sure what to say, other than they were targeting the stereotypical MMORPG demographic in the same way that Homeland Security targets potential terror suspects... Inefficiently...

TERA Classes

You have you pick of the litter in terms of slow boring Warriors, slow boring Archers, and slow boring Casters. They're really all awful, but I give the edge to the Archers since they shoot magical homing arrows that remind you constantly that you're playing a tab-target lie.


I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. It really might be the worst ever, and the development staff are going to great lengths to ensure that future patches will make it even more boring and generic.

That didn't take as long as I thought it would. TERA may very well be the biggest disappointment of the year.


  1. Worse than swtor?

    What would you have if mortal and tera got together?

  2. On the one hand, yes, the game is more boring than SWTOR. I don't think they did as much to hurt the genre.

    Tera's interface and art style would make Mortal way better, but the slow pseudo-tab-targeting would ruin it all over again.

  3. This game is boring...The early levels are so boring I just had to quit. It drives you mad because it's of course
    Kill x and with y many shit and then return to z.
    The only thing that is good is the graphics...I personally thing this should either be B2P or F2P...I'm so glad they had a beta for everyone to play, I woulda bought it. Now I'm not.

  4. Jumping... is useless..

  5. I am not even going to waste my time with trying the beta. Last year some of the stuff we were hearing about the game showed lots of promise...oh well.

  6. I disagree. I'm what you would call an MMO vet, so far I enjoyed Tera. Yes, the lore and story is a bit weak. Yes, it's themepark for questing. The fun is in the PvP. I would probably hate the game on a PVE server. But PvP really made it for me. GvG battles, outlaws, ganking, etc. All pretty fun. I hope it can keep my interest for some time.

    Question, what level did you get to? I made it to 32, the max for open beta, and that's when I really got a feeling what end game PvP will be like. Huge battles, smooth engine. It does have some pro's.

    Come to Jagged Coast, send Taric (yep, the Gem Knight!) a tell.

  7. I am a conscientious objector to any game that makes me suffer garbage to find gold. They chose to make the PvE as boring as possible when they didn't have to so I won't be spending any more time in the game.

    Also, the PvP has no risk v reward so it's basically DoA for me.

  8. I love the game.. And this is coming from someone who just started getting into it about two months ago. I played for about an hour in closed beta then I played all through open beta. I can't really place my finger on why exactly it was I had tremendous amounts of fun. But the point is I personally did.. And I suppose that is what matters. :)

  9. The grindiness is pretty regressive for sure, but if you enjoy doing things at a snail's pace there is probably plenty to like. I just hope ArcheAge is faster than this so I can stop raging at Korea.

  10. Tera is awesome and if you enjoy fantasy MMOs this is one you do not want to write off. I've played them all and this is the most fun MMO I have ever played over 15 years of online gaming. The combat and graphics are great. The questing is nothing new but still enjoyable. The dungeons are a lot of fun, and the pvp is good if you don't mind a little chaos. I love the classes and most of the races in Tera and feel that the devs did a great job of covering the basic classes and races that people enjoy playing, and adding some badass new ones as well. My level 32 Amani (looks like the most badass demon you could ever create) Slayer makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I butcher monsters and players alike. Great game, check it out and try it if you haven't!

  11. How is the combat great? Are you sure you've played video games before? They're not supposed to be mind-numbingly horrible.

  12. wow I can't i came here to read this. Almost every one of you are TROLLS that probably didnt play past level 15 (and yes some of you even said u didn't even get past the low levels and your already trying to put your Expert opinion). Tera's combat starts slow but when u start getting into dungeons at level 20 and u have a big list of combos the fights are so epic.

  13. lol i get the joke i bet u havent even plaied it ur just making some bs crap up tho the game isnbt for every 1 still tera is not a themepark standerd mmo ya the questing is generic but realy the combat in other m,mos is just target press 123 123 123 ect
    u dont realy do that in tera u need to dodge attacks make sure u hit theres nothing wrong with it for all i c ur jusst mad cvuz u hate change r a fail troll or r woried that this mmo will take away from ur click on target 123 123 bore fest broken combat mmos

  14. I'm really not trolling, TERA is the worst game of the year by far.

  15. ok Miguelito plz tell everyone your experience what classes and what levels did u play to than

  16. I played a few classes around level 20 and they were all terribly slow and boring. I'm sorry your standards for MMORPGs are so low that you can't see past the transparent grind prototype.

  17. Having played the Guild Wars 2 Beta I can safely say that Tera is a far superior product. The tactical nature of the combat in Tera isn't the only reason it is superior. Tera provides the perfect mix of tab targeting and tactical (Demon's Souls esque) combat. The world of Tera is by far more immersive than anything NCSoft has put out. Specifically, the Asian-ish theme of Tera is really original and makes you feel like you're in the middle of an anime.

  18. Just no no no no tera is far from the quality of Gw2, tera is a grinfest, whit the horribel animation lock, you say tactical nature? All fights in tera are walk, stop, atack, walk, stop, atack, walk, stop, atack, it s ridiculous you can't atack while moving, the pvp is horrible, right is open world, but dont have any objectivs or goals. In other hand we have gw2 whit the greatest pvp i ever played, fast, smooth,structured pvp, WvWvW,Pve it s realy cool,Dynamic events, personal story...

  19. All the sentiments I've heard from people I talk to (people over 25) tend to indicate that my feelings about TERA are accurate. Guild Wars 2 is also far superior in terms of quality an pacing.

    Maybe younger gamers just don't know any better since they've never actually played a "good" MMORPG.

  20. With TERA, I can see an Aion 2.0 coming our way, it'll be a great game to a bigger niche market, the people on here will defend it till level 40, quit and go to Guild Wars 2.

    I truly believe this is the time that WoW is stuffed, and that Guild Wars 2 is the game all us WoW haters have been waiting for. Never hold me to my word, because that was said about a lot of games! But Guild Wars 2 really revives a lot of the old school PvP, as well as bringing in some things that are unique, make the game fun and dynamic at all times. They've put up safety nets, for example. The WvWvW PvP SOUNDS good, but if it was the same servers getting ganked every time, the twinkle from PvPers eyes would quickly fade. So instead of this, servers are ranked, you have a chance to make a change with your guild.

    And another thing, I saw a PvP fight that was so balanced, it lasted 10 minutes, and it was amazing. Though to be fair, they were both amazingly good PvPers! Then again, the videos I've seen people stand in AoE's...//facepalm

  21. Found your blog on the Sandbox podcast, fucking amazing.

  22. Played both Tera and GW2, Tera was more fun so I am going to play that. GW2 just felt to WoWWy for my taste though I will probably end up playing PSO2 the most. Mainly about Tera what I like is that skill can make up for lack of team mates or armor sometimes, and that is fun for me. I mainly PvE, if I want to PvP I'll play something that more depends on skill like LoL, a FPS, or a fighting game, not a game where PvP depends on who has the BIGGEST numbers on their gear.

    It is funny how people say that Tera is a grindfest but GW2 isn't when they both are, just GW2 has a different approach to the grinding. It was the same argument between FFXI and WoW, people said FFXI is a grindfest and WoW wasn't when they both are, just FFXI didn't hide behind quests (at least not till the last 4 years).

  23. People say that TERA and FFXI were grind fests because they are. WoW and GW2 are as well. The reason why developers think we, the players, want to tinker around on low-medium level content for months before we enjoy the game is a total disconnect with reality. This is part of the reason why this web-page exists.

  24. I didn't like Tera due to excessive, boring, travel time. My group and I spent most of our time plodding from point A to B in order to complete a bunch of inconsequential kill X of Y quests.

    The most fun we had was after discovering that you could rapidly mash spacebar to make your horse spasm/whinny in a comical fashion. We came to a gravestone where you summon some monster to kill and proceeded to stand around it. When players would approach we'd all shout "PERFORM THE DARK RITUAL" then all mash spacebar to create a triangle of spasm-ing horses and deafening noise, after which the mob would spawn from the gravestone... laughed our asses off- only fun we had.

  25. "TERA is boring." - It sounds like you never fought any BAMs or dungeon bosses.

    "The combat is slow." - So you never made it beyond level 5? Nice, bro.

    "What En Masse decided to do instead ... " - En Masse is the publisher, by the way. Bluehole is the name you're looking for here.

    " ... I give the edge to the Archers since they shoot magical homing arrows that remind you constantly that you're playing a tab-target lie." - Absolutely none of the Archer's skills are homing.

    Ah, yep. You're a fucking idiot.

  26. 1. The PvE was -ALL- slow and boring. If you disagree, I can only assume you're too young to have played fun games.
    2. See above.
    3. People with money make the decisions. Why do you think they dumbed down the game so much for American audiences? On a whim?
    4. What would you call it when you shoot and arrow and it follows a target until it hits them? Not homing? Nice.

    I can see that your opinion on video games is very important to you because you're crying like an tiny girl...

  27. trolling site is trollling, but this one somewhat lack of fun

  28. You Sir,
    Have not Played this game to 40 on a PvP server, nothing like everyone killing everyone why you are trying to touch a BaM, that everyone wants to touch like its a hot baby with no clothing on. All out war roll a toon on Titan Us and get back to me the game is hardcore nuts.

  29. OMG THIS kid cracks me up... Probably played it to lvl 10 and can write a review? The truth is the game is not amazing but very worth paying 50 bucks even if i play it for a month. Not a pass at all foriegners kill me.

  30. "Absolutely none of the Archer's skills are homing". This game is aimed tab target at best. The only difference is instead of clicking on a mob with a pointer the camera just follows you so it appears you are doing direct combat but really its just targeting whats your facing. If you think about it its easier than tab target. Not to mention the limited range. Game sucks, huge step back for the mmo world.

  31. I think you may be wasting your time on these fanboys. They'll get tired of TERA when the next borderline pornographic grind-fest comes out.

    In many ways the combat is easier than a game like WoW where you have to be facing your target AND targeting them! That's TWO THINGS! TWO > ONE!!!

  32. I played several classes to level 18ish. It was a bore most of the way through with the mage being the biggest dissapointment of all classes (mages typically being the most difficult/complex). I see the argument, "you need to play to lvl 50 to rate the game." My player's perspective says they need to make the game fun for me to play to lvl 50.

  33. That's what I'm saying. If a game requires you to spend hours of time bored, it isn't a fun game. Period.

  34. After playing TERA, and getting passed the noob island in which you spawn... I deem this game to be one of the most boring, rehashed, run-around-for-10-minutes MMORPG I've played by far.

    Rating from 1 - 10:

    Graphics 8/10.
    -Lush environment, great FPS.
    -The downside is that the edges on buildings and what not have that same effect that all Asian MMORPGs tend to have, it's hard to explain, but clearly there.

    Character Creation 5/10.
    -Good looking character models.
    -Poor customization compared to similar games
    * No body customization.
    * Little "advanced" facial choices
    * For races like Elin and Castanic, the hair you choose dictates your ears/horns.

    Story ?/10
    I personally don't know the story enough to give an official rating, but my basic understanding is that the game is based on you trying to find a missing leader of some sorts on the Island of Dawn. You're put against a mysterious (and generic) race.

    My unofficial rating, however, is that it feels like another generic, rehashed story that all Asian MMORPG devs seem to juggle around. Most of the time I'm just so tired of playing that I skip all of the dialogue.

    Gameplay 3/10
    -Decent combat, though slightly repetitive.
    * Click, click, press 1, 2, 3, 4, roll, click, click, 1, 2, 3, 4...
    -I find myself running around for more time than I actually spend questing.
    -Questing comprises of grinding countless amounts of NPCs for either the stupidest, or for no reason(s) at all.
    -Playing a healing class is a pain in the ass with the aim-and-click combat style. Since your team mates are mostly just rolling around everywhere, you can barely target them.

    Environment Layout 5/10
    -The environment LOOKS great.
    -As well as it may look, it takes centuries to go from point A to point B -- even with a mount.
    -The structural design of cities are even worse than Aion, with twists and turns and dead ends at every corner, the cities feel more like mazes than a place to relax.

    Total Sum 5/10

    The only thing that saves this game, in my eyes, are the graphics.

  35. I have this game a shot after playing Vindictus with some friends seeing as this was dubbed the action-oriented mmo. It does nothing special other than look pretty. Anon above me is spot on.

    I played a character up to lvl30 partying with friends and just got past Poporia place (spelling?) (where Elins and Poporis are).

    I'm not sure if this is an MMO standard or not but these things frustrate me:
    -Can't advance story until a certain level
    -Hiding tons of quests that unlock after one certain quest
    -Same monsters with different name titles akin to pallet swaps
    -Your character is a hollow husk that has no personality and only says "For the Federation".
    -Story is so sparse that any payout after this tedious buildup is lost to me
    -Same monster types in every area. Some large leader type surrounded by little minions. Kill 30 creatures for some silly/superfluous reason.
    -NPC voiced dialogues are recycled, like the player's responses, and not context sensitive at all.

  36. Tera is a typical Korean grind-fest. Go and kill x monsters, rinse and repeat. The combat stutters, not fluid or responsive enough. You can't move while attacking. Most attacks require that you stop for a few seconds before moving or re-attacking. Lag is bad enough that your aim does not matter 1/3 of the time. Your control is limited. I felt very much like I was playing Mabinogi when I tried Tera... Not a compliment. Physics based? This is the lamest implementation of physics I have seen.

    I played Vindictus before and that game outclasses Tera by miles. The only problem? No open world. Instanced partying is such an impersonal experience. Everybody just rushes through, acting like morons if they want to, knowing that in the next 10 minutes they'll be on a different team. Dragons Nest and C9 both have the same problems, but their combat blows Tera out of the water because it is fast, fun, responsive, and gives you almost total control of your movement.

    I don't care how nice it looks. Game-play should come first. My roommate is the graphics whore, but I think MMO newbies are the types to care more about this kind of thing. I've played more MMOs than I can count (it used to be my drug of choice to decompress after a long day) and every year there is another round of pretty looking games devoid of content. After a while you just don't give a damn how blue the sky is or how prettily the sun reflects off the morning dew coalescing on the grass.

    And do not tell me you need to get to halfway through a game before "becomes fun". I have done the whole Korean cookie-cutter grind fest, I did that BS for years. If it is not fun, you are wasting your life leveling up in a video game like it is a god damned job. People pay money for labor, why are your standards so low that you're doing it for free?

    Tera's quest stories are robotic. It's like a madlib a 14 year old freshman put together, one obsessed with war and bad sci-fantasy movies. Say "For the Federation!" one more time, I dare you. This game has no soul.

  37. I'll mark this down in the 'agree' column.

  38. I have always hated online RPG's. I tried to do this today.... I made an awesome fat kitty named Poopieloops with two giant swords. I thought this would be like secret of mana or kingdom hearts with a bunch of people running around. instead i'm just... killin moose and trees for no reason and the fact that I have to click to attack each time seems... not to matter for some reason, it still feels too much like WoW or everquest. MMORPS's just have to suck I guess...


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