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Thursday, March 15, 2012 | 5

Dragon Nest is not a MMORPG.

Sure, it may look like a MMORPG, smell like a MMORPG, and be Korean like most MMORPGs, however, Dragon Nest is another perfect example of lies publishers tell in order to make you think that you're getting a great deal on a F2P "Action MMORPG". All semantics aside, Dragon Nest just really isn't a good game. Here's why:

Dragon Nest is Easy.

On my test-run through the game, I actually got hit by an enemy fewer times than I have fingers. All hyperbole aside, when surrounded by 20-30 enemies, I was able to completely avoid damage with relative ease and no prior knowledge of how to play the game. The combat is about as hard as the combat in FarmVille.

Dragon Nest enforces gender roles.

Want to be a strong female warrior? Too bad. Sexist Koreans decided in their programming shanty that men should be men and women shouldn't ever be allowed on the front-lines of combat. That also means you can't be a male archer, etc.

Character creation is the portal to the game as a whole. It is completely counter-intuitive to stifle the creative process before a player even attempts to play the game. If the game was good, which it wasn't, I would have a lot of difficulty judging it as such because of the terrible first impression the character restrictions gave me.

Dragon Nest isn't called Dragon's Nest

I know that seems picky, but wouldn't that have been a much better title? Strike 2, Korea...

Dragon Nest is Vindictus

Isn't it peculiar that Vindictus and Dragon Nest were released by Nexon back to back? Isn't it more peculiar that they both have extremely easy action gameplay, and that they're both fake MMORPGs? I'm no conspiracy theorist, but given the evidence I have, i'm almost inclined to believe that they are in fact the same game with different graphics plugged in to the fake MMORPG engine Nexon bought.

Dragon Nest is a HUGE step back for Nexon.

Whether or not you've enjoyed past Nexon titles, like Dark Ages, Nexus, Maple Story, and Mabinogi, those games were all far more innovative for their respective times than Dragon Nest. Dragon Nest is effectively just a rehash of Guild Wars with micro-transactions and a lower polygon count.

A co-op action RPG is not a new thing, but the excitement level is proportionate to difficulty, and Dragon Nest is less of an action game than Diablo in that respect. Give me a MMORPG with terrible combat but great sandbox elements. Mabinogi had huge potential to be a great game, but they poisoned it with the Free to Play model.

Final Verdict : 2/10 Koreas

I have seen better Korean games out of this, and other publishers.


  1. Ah yeah, I forget about Mabinogi. That game was surprisingly complex with many different sandbox elements. If Dragon Nest is like vindictus then it will be incredibly fun for about the length of 2 play sessions and then a quick uninstall.

  2. If the graphics were the same, I'd say that it isn't just "Like" Vindictus. I only got through one play-session because the "action" combat was unbearably easy, and the lack of multiplayer...ness was stifling.

    Mabinogi was about as sandboxy as Korea has ever gotten (sans ArcheAge).

  3. I have the files of the Korean Dragon Nest.
    I'm in the Philippines. My girl sent me all the files like 2GB but I can't seem to make it work for me.
    Can anyone help?

  4. If the game was bad, I wonder why there still a lot playing it? HATERS GONNA HATE. LMAO :D

  5. Are there a lot of people playing it? (no.)


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