Balance is subjective, idiot.

Monday, September 26, 2011 | 6

The vocal minority are at it again.

A huge problem with MMORPGs today is that game publishers aren't willing to stick to their guns on even basic issues. Regardless of how you feel about a class system in MMORPGs doesn't matter. The fact is that the math behind balancing classes is simple.

And then on the seventh day, God created Carebears...

The problem with most games isn't that certain classes aren't balanced. The real issue is that you can't balance for IQ. You beat me because you're better than me, but my puny mind can't take it. Time to complain! Rinse, repeat, and reroll...

Greedy people are so afraid of losing money that they assume the vocal minority is more substantial than logic would suggest. The obvious solution is to water down the rigorously researched balance mechanics of the game. I'd hate to see the look on the original developer's faces when these reactionary changes are made.

Even Warcraft was deep enough to enjoy once...

Maybe that is an exaggeration, but the nurf-bat definitely made WoW salvageable if it wasn't bad to begin with. People got too creative with loose mechanics and created interesting advantages for themselves, then Blizzard took them away because the largely stupid player-base didn't want to have to use their brain.

Everyone has compromised their principals for idiots...

If you can think of any game that hasn't been bastardized by people who likely wouldn't have been long term subscribers anyways, leave them in a comment below.

Yeah, this was a weak topic. Maybe I'll think up something better tomorrow.


  1. You abondoned your blog? : (

  2. No. I just haven't been particularly inspired over the last couple weeks.

  3. What I don't like about balance in mmos is that they balance a game in terms of 1v1 or very small scale pvp. The rock paper scissors works the best in terms of innovative classes and group balance. Sadly these days you see only a few characters on each side, mirrored on the other side (ie warhammer). I like that one side has something the other can't have. In wow, only Horde could have shamans and Alliance paladins. Look what happened because of these whiners. I like choices in character development, but the balance system aka wow just destroys that.

  4. That's why I prefer a skill system with enough options to ensure that no one answer is correct.

  5. I absolutely get what your saying but there are some times in MMO where the devs screwed up or over looked how devastating some skills are. for instance in AoC i was a barbarian and once i hit lvl 38 i was able to kill max level players by my self not to mention two or three people my level at once as long as another barbarian wasn't involved. that is the type of balance issue that SHOULD be complained about but after a few years and most MMO devs caving to a few of their louder customers you get people calling bullshit on every minor advantage a class/skill set gets in MMOs.

  6. I think the problem of being forced into the cookie cutter is not necessarily to do with specific games. Even where games may give you the freedom to sculpt your character entirely to your gameplay, you'll still have the problem of The Allmighty Community, that has decided that *this is 7.8% less efficient than *insert generic build here*, or require absolutely pointless linking of achievements / your build to then decide if or not they would like to admit you into their Cool Gang. While I can see how this procedure weeds out the numbskulls who couldn't cobble together a viable character if their lives depended on it, on the other hand, it means that those who think outside of the box, and find viable alternative ways to get things done will also be left by the wayside more often than not.

    Freedom to build is great, but that requires a continued effort from both the game developers as also the community as a whole.


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