Realistic Preview - Star Wars: The Old Republic

Tuesday, August 9, 2011 | 15

I loved the Knights of the Old Republic Franchise...

I even appreciate the Mass Effect series, and Dragon Age Origins was almost a passable PC RPG. Bioware obviously puts a strong emphasis on storytelling that no one else (with the exception of handfull of teams) seems to place high on their gamer exploitation punch-list.

There is a reason why people tend to claim that games are the spiritual predecessor of Baldur's Gate, and that is not because they can hold a candle to the classics. It is because they're trying to manipulate an emotional response so that you buy their shit.

Star Wars: The Beginning of the End

I really wanted to give this game a chance because I have very fond memories of doing absurd things to random aliens in the KotOR series, but then I started objectively analyzing the press on this game. After taking a step back, I am sufficiently disturbed. Here is why:

Pretty, right?

BioWare spent more money on useless trailers than I make in a year. Stupid. The problem with the story-centric approach when it comes to MMORPGs is that that people don't play MMORPGs to "beat the game". It scares the hell out of me that this game may be successful while adding absolutely nothing to the genre. Voice acting isn't a feature, it is a symptom of a historic budget. Also, if you can spend that much money on trailers, why does the game look like asshole?

I'm contradicting myself because I've said before and I actually believe that graphics don't matter (unless they're terrible). I guess this isn't really even my main problem with the game.

World of Repubcraft

The biggest issue with The Old Republic is that they actually think they're making something unique and fun, while basically making an ugly WoW expansion. I've heard many Rift-style arguments about how the game is different because (insert minor mechanic) but if the core gameplay is identical (minus the environment) it is still the same game.

For those unfamiliar with how the game plays, check out this disturbing Warcraft parallel:

Wargrounds? Battlezones? Who can keep them straight?

The games are the same! This is shameful. I think the only thing that was added to the gameplay was a cover mechanic complete with an abundance of waist-high walls. Kill me now.

I really wanted to like this game, but unless they change the gameplay to something that seems original in some way, I think I'll pass. I suspect if Blizzard ever made a World of Starcraft, it would be identical to this abortion, but Blizzard doesn't need to do that since they still dominate the market for whatever reason.



  1. This is a Wow-clone, no doubt, thing is, nobody who had a direct hand in development said otherwise,this is more of the same for people who would rather play Wow in space. It doesn't pretend to be anything else, nobody who is making it is pretending otherwise either. (EA doesn't count as they are a publisher and are pretty much required to say this game is groundbreaking.)So your problem is with EA, not with Bioware.

  2. I guess people weren't mad at Italy when they joined the Nazi crusade against the evils of capitalism... I mean... The Nazi's started it, right?

    Either way, I really hate the precedent that spending more money on what can only be described as a regressive addition to the MMORPG field is somehow profitable. BioWare has also proven recently that they aren't above destroying multiple titles by dumbing them down, but this is a MMORPG blog :P

  3. If you're surprised that mediocrity sells then you are going to be very disappointing when you step back and look at humanity. People would like to say otherwise, but in reality, we all like conformity. It's why we take to video games about red shirt masked space soldiers against dirty *Unique* alien rebels.

  4. I'm not surprised that it sells, but it almost took more effort to clone Warcraft so exactly than it would have taken for them to cast a critical eye on what Blizzard has failed at and try and take a step forward.

    WOW did exactly this by looking at the failures of EverQuest (primarily learning curve/polish) and improving the equation. Albeit they were somewhat regressive in certain areas...

  5. We need to remember, the Mmorpg genre moves much slower than the rest of the medium because it is meant to be played for years and years, so typically, everytime a new game is released, it might have a few small quality of life improvements and very seldom in regards to anything else. In this case, while not groundbreaking, the addition of story involvement and an emphasis character development is certainly a step in the right direction.

  6. Disagree. MMORPGs used to be more about you creating your own niche in a community of players... Age of Conan tried the whole story driven MMORPG thing and it just felt like a cheap JRPG leading you down a path.

    The next great MMORPG will eliminate story elements entirely in place of tools that allow the player to create their own niche in the game world.

  7. Alright, i'll give you this one.

  8. Wait, nevermind. See they have that, it's called Second Life (Aka, Live your dream life without ever actually having to see the light of day)The thing is, that isn't a *Game* That's a Life simulator, which happens to be the bane of human existence.

  9. I know you didn't just called Second Life a MMORPG... It isn't even really a game.

  10. Nope, I didn't. Read a tad closer.

  11. My friend bought me a copy of SWTOR collectors (I warned him not to) and I quit today. One of my "companions" kept repeating the same exact quest line over and over, and I figured the game wouldn't progress until I chose a different path. I was then informed that if I had continued to repeat that same quest just ONE MORE TIME, my companion would go into super ultra mega dark side mode and that opportunity was now lost forever. I told my friend that since the quest was repeating and did nothing to clue me in, this was an indicator of poor design. His response was, "And you're blaming the GAME for this?" Timesinks, button mashing, and message boards do not a game make, but the modern mmo crowd just doesn't get it.

  12. I'd like to officially go on the record saying that the "participation trophy" generation destroyed gaming for the rest of us. Entitled assholes with their parents' credit cards should be buried alive for our amusement.

  13. funny how this was made before the game was actually launched and that their is actually 3 warzones "huttball" which actually demands you to work with your team to play and funny that he only shows one of the wz showing truly that he knows nothing about the game and i know that wow was the first and only mmo ever made right? the guy obviously knows nothing about the game and still probably has no clue.buncha wow fan boys who cant accept any other thing or give it a full try and yeah my grammar is shit nothing else for you faggots to say though

  14. I guess you don't know what a preview is... Review is here :

  15. The previews were awesome and I still like watching them. The game itself is absolute nonsense. Its not even Star Wars. The only thing it has in common with Star Wars is the name and lightsabers. This game is just plain goofy.


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