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I'm going to show my range by talking about something outside of the MMORPG genre, but influenced greatly by the greed and penny pinching that MMORPGs are best known for.

Downloadable Content is a Scam

There has been a growing trend over the past few years of games being released on various platforms with additional DLC available on the day of release. Games like Mass Effect 2 go so far as to make the option content a requirement if you want the story to be a seamless transition to its sequel.

It seems to me like a game that isn't done until you pay for more game is not a complete game to begin with.

Some game developers insult our intelligence by completing DLC before the game even launches. If Dyson sold their alien vacuums without multiple key components that you would have to buy later, they would be investigated and shut down for falsely advertising a complete product.

I am not dogging on expansions

Expansion packs are great because they offer a new experience to players who have completed the original game. It is hard to even imagine Baldurs Gate II without Throne of Bhaal because it adds a huge amount of extra content for players and renews interested in an antiquated title.

You don't even get what you pay for

DLC is dirt cheap by design, but what developers seem to fail to understand is that once you've completed a game, there is no reason to go play a 5 dollar side quest for an hour or two. This is an obvious attempt to take advantage of what has recently come to be known as 'Completionist Players', but was formally known as 'Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder'.

This smells familiar

Can you think of any other industry that strings you along with side grades and patches while you pay them manageable installments that don't improve your actual game experience?

It sure would be nice if quality assurance meant what it used to, but sadly players are being forced to foot the bill of post-release bug fixes and development, and all the while it is being framed like we're being done a favor.

Everyone who purchases DLC is part of the problem

This terrible practice isn't going to go away unless people actually refuse to play games in a nugget format. What I would consider the best game in the last few years, The Witcher 2, has already said that they will be releasing DLC, but won't be charging for it...

Then again, Europeans are all socialists, and we all saw how well that worked out for Greece.


  1. I agree entirely. DLC is a horrible devolution in the gaming industry. It seems like the days of good value expansion packs are well and truely passed. Publishers these days will simply release an incomplete game, charge more for a pile of half-arsed DLC then release essentially the same game the next year. Dark days indeed...

  2. I find it kind of odd that you used Fallout: NV as the image for this article. The "DLC" in New Vegas seemed like one of the few cases where it was potentially worth paying for. The four main addons had self-contained stories but still integrated with the existing world. They weren't necessarily spectacular, but I found them interesting at times. At the least, they seemed like a reasonable step forward from the absolute garbage that accounts for the DLC in most games.

  3. I think what you're saying is mostly true, but I have yet to see any DLC that could stack up to old-school expansions (such as Baldurs Gate 2 : Throne of Bhaal). It just seems like a lazy way to milk your customers by using an existing game as a springboard to sell short shitty games without having to actually... develop a game...

    I try and be a purist when it comes to drawing lines because if you let one company get away with it, the precedent can be enough to encourage even more unscrupulous publishers (EA! EA! EA!) to do even more unscrupulous things (SWTOR! SWTOR! SWTOR!)

    I'm not really targeting anyone in particular though :P

  4. im actually disappointed in this article, you didn't mention dragon age 2. the game which gave me an aneurysm when i found out it didn't have a story line and you could preview some of the story line as DLC before dragon age 3 comes out (the game now marketed as DA2's story line).

    this whole concept was marketed as a "progressive experience" that content would be slowly released over a year so people would get a taste of what was to come from DA3 before it was released..... and you would have to pay for ever new "progressive experience".

    who did this make sense to other then the corporate executives that would be pocketing the majority of the money?

  5. Dragon Age 2 was an abortion without DLC. I am extremely disappointed that Bioware is trending towards high-accessibility console games.

  6. Love the Witcher honorable mention. Those games are amongst the best things to happen to RPG gaming in recent years, IMO. Lucky enough to be able to read all the books, too (the english translations are an abomination, and not all are translated / going to be translated), and the books are fantastic too. Even better than the games, IMO, at least classier.

  7. I see you found my Site today. I'm a sucker for old school narratives.


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