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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | 9

By now, you probably already know how I feel about MMORPG pretenders like Guild Wars, but supposedly Guild Wars 2 is going to legitimately be massively multiplayer! I have very serious doubts, but lets review the list of shallow promises from a publisher with zero credibility...

"No guys, seriously, we're actually making a real MMORPG" - NCSoft CEO Willy Tompkins

Okay, that wasn't real, but my biggest question is why they would take the Square/Enix (dumb) approach and create a MMORPG as a sequel to a game that isn't one. It is almost as if they don't realize that Guild Wars at best was simply a multiplayer dungeon crawler. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this article.

Without further adieu:
Prior to extensively researching the hype behind Guild Wars 2: Judgement Day, I reviewed the extensive MMORPG portfolio that NCSoft is so proud of.

Lets review:
1. Lineage - A boring MMORPG before people really knew how boring MMORPGs could be
2. Lineage 2 - Click-to-move abortion pandering to Animephiles. Generally terrible
3. Guild Wars - Not actually a MMORPG
4. City of Heroes - A 12 year old's wet dream simulator. A testament to shallow content
5. Aion - Prototypical boring Korean grind-fest with wings

So why wouldn't Guild Wars 2 be great? Typically it takes 5 games with decent budgets and long development cycles before you make something playable, right? I suppose it isn't fair that I haven't mentioned anything about the game yet. Lets move on.

From the FAQ:

I'm not entirely convinced that NCSoft knows what a MMORPG is. This is directly copied from the faq on their website:

Q: Will Guild Wars 2 be an MMO?
A: Yes. Guild Wars 2 provides a massive, online persistent world.
Q: That isn't what I asked, dipshit!

Being massively multiplayer has absolutely nothing to do with the size of the world, idiots. It hurts me to think that they might be attempting to pull the same type of misinformation that they marketed Guild Wars with. I sure hope I don't see any more evidence to support this...

Q: Will there be a subscription fee for Guild Wars 2?
A: Nope. Like the original Guild Wars, there will be no subscription fee for Guild Wars 2. You just buy the game and play it online without paying a monthly fee.

Guess what! Guild Wars 2 will have a cash shop! If you don't know what I think about the F2P model, take a gander at this article.

But wait! You haven't talked about the game yet!

That is because I don't actually know anything about it aside from bullshit apple-hype.

Supposedly the Guild Wars 2 unique design contains dynamic world-objectives that temporarily affect the world in sub-profound ways. That sounds an awful lot like Warhammer's world objectives, and Rift's rifts. As I recall, both of those unique features didn't actually add any measurable value to your experience other than giving you a new way to grind in an immeasurably linear gaming experience.

To close, the Guild Wars 2 FAQ only contains 15 questions, and one of the questions is if there will be guns in the game... Guild Wars 2 is going to suck.

If you think you have more information than I do, or you just plain disagree, I don't moderate the comment section...


  1. 1. NCSoft is just the publisher. Arenanet is the developper so listing lineage 2 etc in their track record is not fair. Guild Wars 1 is Arenanets first game but if you're interested in a track record check out the three founders. These three guys are blizzard veterans that created and worked on starcraft, diablo etc.

    2. Guild Wars 1 was not a MMO, Arenanet always described it as a CORPG (cooperative-rpg), which it is.

    3. Like you said you basically know nothing about the game. You say dynamic events in guild wars are just like public quests in WAR and Rift. So the only thing you say about the actual game is just totally wrong.

    4. Basically I like most of your blogs. But when you want to say something about a game atleast try to read up on it first. One of the good things about Arenanet is that they give a lot of information on the game in the form of blogs on and

  2. You know, I don't disagree with anything you said. The purpose of this intentionally misleading preview is to act as (what I consider) a very important hype-buffer.

    After following the development (and ultimate release) of hundreds of MMORPGs I have learned to take strategic press on games with a grain of salt. My assumption was that by ignoring all the (presumably fake) game-play videos and previewing the game based solely on what the website FAQ said would set the baseline for expectations. Apparently it didn't read that way. I'm new to writing, obviously.

    That being said, you haven't said anything that I haven't already read or seen, but no developers in history have ever delivered on everything that they intend to. I like about 80% of what GW2 claims they are bringing to the table, (that is high for me) but I have very serious doubts about any game that has "Will there be guns" as a premiere FAQ item on their official website...

    Wow, that was longer than I wanted it to be. Good point about NCSoft not being ArenaNet, but I typically see shitty games all coming from the same publishers (SOE and FunCom I'm looking at you).

  3. why are all your blogs so full of fail?

  4. Funny, I actually find this article useful because I will never trust anything that comes from a developers mouth after playing SWTOR. Now I am paranoid of any big hyped games. Thank for downing same of my excitement, at least I wont be as disappointed if it all goes down hill. At least it wont have the two factions like horde & alliance or republic & empire.

  5. Hey man, they're trying their best to do something "different", but Bioware actually thought SWTOR was revolutionary soooo...

    Your best bet is to only trust what you see with your eyes and always assume that the game won't be complete when it is released. I try (half assedly) to encourage people to expect better from developers who actually have money to spend. When people play these games because they feel like they have to, companies see that as evidence that their game is perfect. /rant

  6. it will fail as every other "MMO" has and will

  7. this game sucks ass, i didn't even waste my time trying it because beta was was so shit

  8. I agree. The beta put me, and most people I know off completely. It's just not fun.


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