Multiplayer is not always as massive as it seems...

Monday, April 11, 2011

There tends to be a little misinformation floating around on the internet. What many people don't realize is that any game that is only played with fewer than five hundred people is NOT massively multiplayer.

Let that sink in for a moment...

The implication is that any time you are in an instanced zone with a finite amount of people, you are NOT playing a MMORPG. Yes, that means that Battlefield 1942 is more of a MMORPG than raiding Molten Core. I'm not saying that games that employ instancing aren't MMORPGs, but while you're in a restricted zone with 4-40 people you are basically playing Dungeon Seige with a very annoying chat program open.

Any game that has a lobby to meet up with small groups and then play (Guild Wars, Diablo, etc) is NOT a MMORPG. This is not an opinion.

You may be wondering why any of this is relevant to why MMORPGs are so terrible. I'm just trying to set up information to make a point.

If the game isn't a MMORPG, then why does it suck like one?

See, all of these pretenders want to do is suck you in with the promise of a social-life replacement, while not being held to the same standards as a single-player game release. These developers are lazy, and investors are greedy. When a publisher sees that they don't have hire competent developers to write solid server architecture to sell copies of a game, THEY WON'T!

We're not too far away from a turn-based Halo 5 with epic gear. Think about it...

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